American College of Apothecaries - Comprehensive Sterile Compounding

Provided by the American College of Apothecaries. Comprehensive Sterile Compounding is an accredited 3-day, 20-hour (2.0 CEUs) application-based certificate program designed for pharmacists and technicians who are experienced in compounding. Completion of the Fundamental Compounding Course is recommended. Physicians and other health care professionals are welcome to attend. This course will also provide initial aseptic training for pharmacists and technicians required by their state board of pharmacy in order to compound sterile preparations. Participants are instructed in the proper aseptic techniques for preparations and quality control tests to prepare compounded sterile preparations. Participants will work in a simulated sterile environment in a USP 795 laboratory, focusing on the aseptic process and practical knowledge that meet the requirements for USP 797. During the third day, a non-sterile to sterile media-fill test process will be conducted in a simulated clean room. Attendees will also learn how to prepare non-sterile to sterile compounds, including sterile solutions and manipulation of injectable solutions, cleaning and disinfection methods. Practical considerations about USP <800> will be discussed to facilitate the understanding of exposure routes and risks for those who handle hazardous drugs. Ask your account manager how you can save up to $100 on this course.
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