Quality is at the center of everything we do

Integrity matters

Especially when the trust and health of your patients is at stake.

At Fagron, we believe in transparency. On-site producer audits, (re)qualifications, and regular performance assessments supports continuous control of Fagron’s product portfolio. Our Quality Department includes a worldwide network of experts and systems delivering top-quality standards across the entire supply chain.

How Fagron delivers quality

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Fagron utilizes MasterControlTM, the industry leading digital QMS, to ensure compliance with all documentation, employee training records, and quality event processing.  

  • Over 250 documented procedures
  • Over 280 employee trainings are completed per each month
Quality Information/Intelligence System (QIS)

An internal supplier documentation and qualification management system to ensure consistency and transparency.

  • Centralized document library for quality documents from suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors
  • Repository of batch release documents including incoming quality control testing and quality reports from all companies
  • All completed external audit reports, supplier, and raw material qualifications
Supply Chain
  • APIs are sourced only from FDA-registered manufacturers
  • Advanced in-house analysis performed in fully- equipped laboratory
  • Full compendial testing for each API from each and identification tests on every lot of material
  • Identification testing on every repackaged lot, before shipment to customers
Distribution Quality

Our products are held and distributed under the strictest conditions, with 24/7 electronic temperature and humidity monitoring, temperature mapping, USP storage conditions for all product types, validated and temperature warehouses and cold storage. Fagron meets all licensing requirements for each state and is NABP accredited.

Employee Safety

Safety is a top priority at Fagron. We maintain an active OSHA and MNOSHA-compliant safety program, including onboarding and routine training, safety drills, and monthly safety committee meetings. Fagron retains a consultant for routine safety audits and continuous improvement of our safety program.

We aim to deliver excellence

Partner with an organization built on decades of pharmacy and compounding experience, centered around quality and intensely focused on patient safety.

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