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Innovative science

We are dedicated to continuously improve the pharmaceutical compounding process.

By offering specialized services in the field of R&D, advanced lab analysis, specialized compounding equipment and tailor-made production laboratory concepts used by pharmacists, we aim to improve safety, quality, and efficacy of personalized medicine.

“For me, innovation is key to making health-care better, safer, and more tailored to patients' needs. Therefore, we strive to improve our current portfolio continuously and bring novelties to the market.”

Eli Dicjkers


"By developing new solutions for clinicians based on the patients’ needs, we provide enhanced quality, safety, efficiency, and comfort, the key players for a better quality of life."

Hudson Polonini


Fagron Brands

Innovative concepts, vehicles and formulations designed specifically for pharmaceutical compounding. Developed by Fagron's global R&D team in collaboration with prescribers, pharmacies and universities.


DiluCap is a line of excipients specially developed so that you can compound every capsule formulation with ease and trust in its final characteristics.


Transdermal dosage forms offer several benefits over conventional routes, such as avoiding first-pass metabolism, preventing gastrointestinal erosion caused by certain drugs, and offering a sustained release and lower fluctuations of plasma levels.


Fagron's TrichoConcept™ is the first global line of multifunctional compounding vehicles with TrichoTech™ technology, a Fagron patented phytocomplex specially developed for the use in personalized alopecia treatment.


High-quality pharmaceutical raw materials, equipment, supplies, and technology for the modern compounding pharmacist

API’s & Chemicals

Broad portfolio of compounding essentials.

Capsules & Excipients

Industry leading offering of capsule sizes and colors.


Variety of tools for pharmacy operations.


Weigh boats, PPE, spatulas, and more.

Fagron Genomics US

Laboratory services focused on providing specific pharmacogenetics and diagnostic molecular analysis for healthcare professionals. One patient. One treatment. Based on DNA.

Core & Sub NutriGenomic Panels

Over 15 panels covering key health categories for NutriGenomic testing.

PharmacoGenomics (PGx)

Support patients experiencing adverse events or not responding to given drugs


Analyze genetics that may contribute to hair loss


Quantify the level of cellular aging each patient is experiencing by measuring potential premature telomere shortening


Analyze and interpret patient’s unique genetic composition related to diet and weight management

Fagron Sterile Services US

Globally integrated 503B outsourcing for hospitals and clinics across the United States, creating supply chain resiliency while advancing patient safety. 

State-of-the-art, pharma-grade facilities in Boston, MA and Wichita, KS produce high-quality sterile medicine through rigorous cGMP CFR 210 & 211 compliant operations. 

Critical Care, Labor & Delivery, Ophthalmics, Pain Management, more.

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