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Fagron Genomics specifically offers healthcare professionals customizable genetics and laboratory reports to support personalized treatment and advance healthcare.
“I have been a provider for six years. I was excited when the NutriGen test came out, as my clients come to see me for complete nutrition support and diet is a huge part of the foundation for good health.

My patients feel more empowered about their food choices that are best for them based on this gene test. They also have been happy to have some guidance on supplements that may be helpful for them as well as what some of their risk factors might be.”

Christine McKee

“I learned about this testing, and I now offer it, and it’s awesome and extremely helpful to my patients! Everyone should be learning about this!”

Dr. Steven J. Simpson

DNA intelligence

A customized reporting platform designed for clinicians by medical professionals allows providers to validate patient specific needs from individual DNA findings.

Core & Sub NutriGenomic Panels

Over 15 panels covering key health categories for NutriGenomic testing.

PharmacoGenomics (PGx)

Support patients experiencing adverse events or not responding to given drugs


Analyze genetics that may contribute to hair loss


Quantify the level of cellular aging each patient is experiencing by measuring potential premature telomere shortening


Analyze and interpret patient’s unique genetic composition related to diet and weight management

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