- SOLD OUT - Modern Pharmaceutical Compounding

Fagron Academy's Modern Pharmaceutical Compounding class is a 2-day, 15-credit hour (1.5 CEU) experience that is great for training new staff members or expanding the knowledge and experience of current staff. The class is a mix of classroom discussion and hands-on lab time. In the classroom, we dive into details about different dosage forms, how and when they might be used, as well as considerations for formulation development. We will review the current regulatory environment around non-sterile compounding for human and veterinary use for both hazardous and non-hazardous preparations and walk attendees through various essentials. The hands-on portion of the course covers creating a variety of dosage forms such as solutions, suspensions, foams, PLO gels, suppositories, veterinary treats, and more. We use a wide range of equipment including hot plates, scales, electronic mortar and pestle devices, planetary mixers, ointment mills, laboratory blenders, homogenizers, Invomatic powder mixers, laboratory blenders, and various types of molds. *Attendees who register before April 12th will receive a complementary lab coat
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