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Enhance your patient's care with easy-to-use, accurate dosing solutions designed by pharmacists and backed by peer-reviewed studies.

As an innovative leader, Fagron is proud to partner with DoseLogix to provide Topi-CLICK® application solutions to compounders.
An effective topical applicator designed to overcome the limitations of pumps, syringes, tubes, tubs, and jars. Easily apply with 0.25 mL per “CLICK.
The same great benefits as the Topi-CLICK® 35 designed for larger-volume topical formulations up to 140 mLs. The friction-free4Port™ domed applicator provides ease and convenience, with 0.50 mL per “CLICK.”
High patient comfort with less residual waste — and 0.25mL release of medication with each “CLICK.”
Save time and money over syringes with accurately metered micro-dosing for veterinary and human patients. Now available in 5mL and 9mL.
Simplify the way you prepare, deliver, and dose troche-based medications to your patients. Now available in four bright colors.

Backed by evidence

Topi-CLICK® offers remarkable precision and accuracy and is proven to be the most accurate topical metered dosing applicator compared to others tested in independent studies* by Analytical Research Laboratories in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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