Fagron Academy Launches Partnership with Gates Healthcare to Expand Support to Compounding Pharmacies

Claire Concowich
May 19, 2023
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In the fall of 2022, the United States Pharmacopeia announced changes to General Chapters <795>, <797>, and<800>. These changes will impact the operations of many compounding pharmacies and compounded products. Fagron Academy is committed to providing resources, education, and third-party partnerships to help our compounding pharmacy members navigate these changes.

To further this endeavor, we are excited to announce our partnership with Gates Healthcare Associates. This partnership will strengthen our ability to help our compounding pharmacy members navigate the new USP requirements. Through the collaboration between Fagron Academy and Gates Healthcare, Fagron Academy members will take advantage of a full suite of SOP and regulatory compliance services at an exclusively discounted price.

“The compounding industry is preparing compliance mechanisms for the upcoming changes released by USP. At Fagron, we understand the impact this will have on many Fagron Academy members and are trying to find different ways that we can help.” states Jeff Lyndell, Senior Director of Professional Services at Fagron, “Gates Healthcare is a perfect fit for our pharmacy members. It is truly exciting to bring Gates Healthcare’s industry experience and regulatory knowledge to our pharmacy partners to navigate these changes. This is just one of the many ways Fagron is helping the industry!”

Gates Healthcare Associates is a pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting firm that provides extensive clinical, programmatic, and regulatory knowledge and insight to an array of pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations. They help clients confront and overcome challenges and obstacles to growth, positioning them for long-term regulatory and business success.

In addition to the partnership with Gates Healthcare, Fagron Academy recently released an on-demand educational series that takes a deep dive into the changes identified in USP General Chapters <795>,<797>, and <800>,as well as what actions your pharmacy can take to remain compliant.

Visit https://fagronacademy.mykajabi.com/storeto view the course offering.

To become a member of Fagron Academy and take advantage of the partnership with Gates Healthcare and other great services, visit https://www.fagronacademy.us/ or call (800) 4236967.

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Claire Concowich
Director of Marketing

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